Tick Box Conveyancing Director and Licensed Conveyancer in Melbourne, Martin Galea has discussed Section 32s, new laws regarding disclosure of material facts, heritage overlays and much more in a recent interview.

Martin appeared on a Facebook Live interview with local real estate agent Jazz Singh from Jazz Real Estate on Wednesday 15 June to chat all things property and conveyancing.

Throughout the discussion, Martin shared more about his journey into providing conveyancing services in Melbourne, the state of business in the current Coronavirus pandemic and a range of essential conveyancing topics.

We’ve picked out a couple of the highlights, and you can watch the full interview below.

On the state of business during COVID-19 lockdown

“We actually are very busy at the moment, considering the media speculation that things have quietened down.

“Our business has not slowed down at all!

“We see the start of a transaction before someone starts to look at buying or selling. We start our house conveyancing process not knowing if a deal is going to happen, but before we know it we’ve got a contract and we have to deal with it and take it all the way through to settlement.

“It’s not uncommon that we get instructions one day and then the next day the pressure’s on to get those contracts done and sent off to the agents.

“A lot of clients measure how well we’ve served them by how quickly we can get them those documents.”

On the importance of having an experienced conveyancer on your side

“The first thing I’d say is that it needs to be recognised that the job at hand is a very important job.

“It’s a fairly serious role int hat you’re dealing with, if we take the example of us acting for a seller or vendor, there are obligations when you’re selling a property to make certain disclosures that are required under the Sale of Land Act.

“We often hear the term Section 32 or Vendor’s Statement, they’re dealing with a lot of important things

“At the end of the day when you’re looking for the difference between a good conveyancer and an excellent conveyancer, you’re looking for someone that has the experience and can display a certain amount of authority in regards to not just how to do things but why.

“It’s not all about being mechanical and knowing the processes it’s about understanding what the law actually requires you to do and also being able to interpret that law and interpret common law.”

For more, check out the video below.

We’ve earmarked some of the important parts of the discussion and the time they occur below.

What is actually happening when a vendor signs a Section 32/Vendor’s Statement – 12 min 40 secs – 15 mins 05 secs

Why are heritage overlays an important disclosure in a Section 32/Vendor’s Statement 15 min 06 seconds – 16 mins 07 seconds

What special conditions are you wary of in contracts? – 16 mins 07 secs – 22 mins 30 secs

Finance clauses – 22 mins 35 secs – 28 mins 20 secs