As with most important things in life, property conveyancing has leapt onto the internet.

With the advantages it provides in networking, security and convenience, the internet has changed property conveyancing forever, for the better.

It can be tempting to assume, “what’s worked for decades will work fine in the future,” but the reality is that conducting our conveyancing service in Melbourne online with the online conveyancing systems such as PEXA (Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd) changed the game for us.

We embraced the digital future early and it did not disappoint us.

Here are four reasons why.

Online Conveyancing Provides Added Convenience

Online conveyancing services make the process of buying and settling on a property faster, more convenient and more free-flowing for all of the workers involved in it.

It does not force conveyancers, lawyers and financial institution workers to logistically co-ordinate on the passing and signing of every relevant document that is involved with property settling, which used to take up precious time and make the process vulnerable to human errors and delays.

Here are some processes that have become streamlined by PEXA:

  • Simultaneous Settlements
  • Purchase and Sales
  • Encumbrances
  • Survivorship Applications
  • Priority Notices

With online conveyancing, lawyers, conveyancers and bankers can do the work they need to do without being interrupted by logistical matters that were common in the era of physical paper and fax machines.

Every piece of “paperwork” can be digitally lodged, signed and multiplied.

This saves everyone a lot of time, money and mental health.

A life-saver in COVID times

Can you imagine the absolute bedlam of trying to transact property in the old fashioned way during COVID times where social distancing is paramount and where – in Melbourne, at least – travel limits exist?

Prior to online conveyancing, property settlements were conducted in person.

A representative from each side would turn up and exchange monies and titles.

The vendor (seller) would bring the property title, whilst the purchaser would bring the money.

Whilst transacting, representatives would need to manually check that the titles being exchanged and the monies involved were accurate and as agreed.

This would have been a logistical nightmare over the last two years in COVID19 times, and thankfully, online conveyancing had been an established practice for a number of years prior.

Thanks to Tick Box Conveyancing’s early adaptation of e-conveyancing practices, we were more than prepared to continue to serve our clients during a period of incredible disruption.

Heightened In-House Security

Thanks to online conveyancing, the dense paperwork involved with property conveyance is now systematically uploaded to a secure location on digital conveyance platforms such as PEXA, where those documents are archived and accessible to workers with the appropriate level of security clearance.

Thanks to online data retention and archiving, documents can no longer be lost, hidden, destroyed or tampered with. Any attempt to alter or remove an original document is impossible because the document will always have a copy saved on the system and IT will always know who accesses which documents, what time they access each document and from which digital location.

The integrity of property conveyance is hence defended from both malicious document tampering but also from simple mistakes, from people accidentally losing or missing documents.

This inherent safety is desirable to people who are used to many other aspects of their life being managed and protected within a digital vault.

Connection To Digital, Out-of-House Security

The heightening of security that you get with digital conveyancing does not stop with the security of conveyancing-centric platforms such as PEXA.

Every other digitally secure aspect of your life, such as your online bank account or proofs of identity, can sync up with the digital conveyancing system, streamlining the conveyancing process by allowing fast turnover of identity and banking information and saving you and the conveyancer precious time whilst working within an environment of high digital security every step of the way.

Digital conveyancing is part of the overall standard expected of today in regard to anything involving serious finances or personal identities.

Connection to Millennials

Research has shown that Millennials are more likely to engage with a business that has good reviews and positive social media engagement. In order for your business to be given social media comments and reviews in the first place, it needs an online presence, it needs accounts on social media platforms and a listing on Google.

Millennials, more than any other generation, expect businesses to be up-to-date with digital technology and to take advantage of it. The outcome of doing so is as beneficial to the customer as it is to a business (provided that the business is deserving of positive social media engagement in the first place).

What will make millennial clients satisfied? The heightened convenience and security of digital property conveyance as described above, as such things are their born standard.

Once a digital marketing agency has joined PEXA, it ought to show off that it has joined PEXA.

Embracing the digital future shows that your company is both modern and forward-thinking, which will draw the attention of the younger audience to your business.

Summary: How Online Conveyancing is making property transactions simple and efficient

The advantages of running our online conveyancing business online are much higher in number than five; thousands of small problems or challenges have been solved in the adoption of our online conveyancing system.

To paint a broad picture, we’ve seen a huge cutback of corporate slowdown, we’ve seen the introduction of safer ways to store, preserve and share important documents, we’ve reached clients in a whole new way because many of them are drawn to businesses that allow the internet to improve them and somewhat automate the more mundane and treacherous aspects of them.

Tick Box Conveyancing embraced the digital revolution as soon as we saw the writing on the wall.

For conveyancing in Melbourne that is fast, convenient and safe due to the benefits of online conveyancing, call or email us today for a free 10-minute consult.