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Good help is hard to find, especially when time is of the essence and there is no room for mistakes.

At Tick Box, we understand that the key to a smooth settlement process, is making sure everything is airtight from the beginning.

Partnering with Tick Box will ensure you are serviced by a team with vast experience in acting for developers in preparing off-the-plan contracts and ensuring settlements go off without a hitch.

Deposit funds will be held in controlled money accounts.

List of services: 

☑ Preparing “Off the Plan” contracts
☑ Registering a Plan of Subdivision
☑ Settlements

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Conveyancing does not have to be a daunting, complicated process. It needs to be done properly and thoroughly, but not at the cost of transparency, efficiency and simplicity. These beliefs are what drive Tick Box Conveyancing to provide our customers with a holistic conveyancing solution that embraces the best possible technology and delivers flawless outcomes, every time.

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