Commercial Conveyancing Services

Tick Box Conveyancing’s commercial conveyancingservices will assist you whether you are buying or selling commercial property.

Regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, you want a conveyancer on your side with decades of experience and expertise.

Our pre-purchase advice ensures the commercial property you are considering is suitable for your intended purposes and will ensure that you get the complete picture of the property and the proposed transaction.

Typical commercial property transactions revolve around factories, shops, offices and other commercial properties, but can also include:

  • Bulk land
  • Unit developments

If you are in the market for commercial property, Tick Box Conveyancing’s strong network of commercial agents will help you find the perfect property for you, before our commercial conveyancing services see the deal through to settlement.

Looking to sell your commercial property? Tick Box Conveyancing can help you prepare for sale by producing a fantastic contract of sale and section 32 statement which covers all your disclosure requirements and protects your rights until settlement and beyond.

Commercial Conveyancing for Purchasers

If you are in the market for a commercial property, it pays to have an experienced conveyancer on hand to help with all your pre-purchase advice.

Seeking advice before you put pen to paper or even submit an offer is crucial to ensuring you understand the contract you could be about to enter into and the property you are potentially purchasing.

When purchasing commercial property, you want an experienced conveyancer who will:

  • read the contract of sale
  • conduct every relevant search
  • advise you of any red flags before you put pen to paper

Tick Box Conveyancing’s pre-purchase contract report will give you a thorough, plain-English breakdown of the contract of sale for the property you are hoping to purchase.

Our report will shine a light on any special conditions in the contract and will tell you about any covenants or easements on the title and how they might affect what you can or can’t do with the property.

Common things to look out for when purchasing commercial property include:

  • unfair special conditions and default clauses
  • restrictions on property use
  • correct completion of the particulars of sale
  • finance condition
  • settlement terms
  • vacant possession v subject to lease
  • outgoings including land tax
  • special levies
  • orders
  • building permits, final approvals, and warranty insurance
  • measurements
  • owners’ corporation
  • title encumbrances
  • zoning
  • works in surrounding areas
  • treatment of GST

In the process of negotiating for the property, Tick Box can represent you in seeking alterations to the proposed contract or any of the conditions contained within it.

If you are successful in purchasing the property, Tick Box will ensure you are prepared for settlement with clear communication ahead of all the major milestones leading up to and including settlement day.

Commercial Conveyancing for Sellers (Vendors)

If you are selling a commercial property, you want to ensure your contract of sale is watertight.

Tick Box Conveyancing is the conveyancer of choice for commercial real estate agents across Melbourne when it comes to preparing contracts of sale that put the vendor in the best possible position, whilst also fulfilling all legal obligations and disclosure requirements.

We work with our clients to prepare contracts and section 32 statements that will result in as few questions or negotiations as possible and help to facilitate a quicker sales process.

Each contract is built with the vendor’s specific needs in mind. After all, selling your commercial property is not something you want a cookie-cutter solution for.

The common things to be aware of for vendors trying to sell a commercial property include:

  • an obligation to fulfil disclosure obligations under section 32 of the Sale of Land Act
  • preparation of a contract of sale
  • treatment of GST

Tick Box takes instructions directly from vendors or their duly appointed attorney.

Our quick turnover time never comes at the cost of thoroughness, which makes us a favourite amongst some of Melbourne’s biggest commercial real estate agents wanting to take advantage of any off-market opportunities to close a quick sale.

Whether you are a vendor looking to sell your established home or a commercial real estate agent looking to partner with a conveyancer you can rely on for reliable and fool proof contracts, Tick Box Conveyancing can be of service to you.

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Tick Box stands out from the crowd because of our vast experience in the industry.

Our principal, Martin Galea, boasts over 35 years of conveyancing and property law experience to our firm alone.

He served as the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancing Victoria branch, sat on the advisory committee which played a vital role in the development of the Conveyancing diploma run by RMIT, and was the first ever appointed Statutory Manager by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Martin has also sat on the State Revenue Office consultative council, representing Victorian conveyancers.

Martin is joined by a team of experienced conveyancers and advisers who will help make your home conveyancing experience a happy one.

That’s the experience you want on your side of the equation.

Tick Box also provides house conveyancing and off the plan conveyancing services. Please contact our friendly staff for a chat or to request a quote.

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