Refer to Tick Box Conveyancing

Whether you are a mortgage broker, real estate agent, accountant or any other property professional providing advice to clients, you can think of Tick Box Conveyancing as your conveyancing back-office.

We pride ourselves on providing our referrers and their clients expertise, speed and transparency through a service that is thorough, resourceful and – most importantly – readily available.

We are in business to do business – meaning work can always be sent back your way. We believe our referrers are partners and not just sources of work.

Currently, we work with people from the following fields:

☑ Accountants
☑ Bankers
☑ Builders
☑ Buyers advocates
☑ Developers
☑ Display home builders
☑ Family law lawyers
☑ Financial planners/advisers
☑ Mortgage brokers
☑ Owners Corporation Managers
☑ Property Managers
☑ Property Marketers
☑ Real Estate Agents

If you would like to learn more about how a partnership between your business and Tick Box could be mutually beneficial, get in touch with our Practice Manager, Tegan Distel.

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