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Whether you are a mortgage broker, real estate agent or accountant, you can think of Tick Box as your conveyancing back-office.

We pride ourselves on providing our referrers and their clients expertise, speed and transperancy through a service that is thorough, resourceful and – most importantly – readily available.

We are in business to do business – meaning work can always be sent back your way. We believe our referrers are partners and not just sources of work.

Currently, we work with people from the following fields:

☑ Accountants
☑ Bankers
☑ Builders
☑ Buyers advocates
☑ Developers
☑ Display home builders
☑ Family law lawyers
☑ Financial planners/advisers
☑ Mortgage brokers
☑ Owners Corporation Managers
☑ Property Managers
☑ Property Marketers
☑ Real Estate Agents

If you would like to learn more about how a partnership between your business and Tick Box could be mutually beneficial, get in touch with our Relationships Manager, Linda Serovska.

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Conveyancing does not have to be a daunting, complicated process. It needs to be done properly and thoroughly, but not at the cost of transparency, efficiency and simplicity. These beliefs are what drive Tick Box Conveyancing to provide our customers with a holistic conveyancing solution that embraces the best possible technology and delivers flawless outcomes, every time.

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