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Tick Box Conveyancing prides itself on being able to deliver its customers a solution no matter whether they are buying, selling, transferring or even placing title insurance.

This full range of services underpins our holistic conveyancing experience, whether you need the full suite of services or just aspects of it.

Tick Box Conveyancing provides you with a cutting-edge conveyancing service that ticks all the boxes.

Buying Or Selling

Whether you are buying or selling your first home or seventh investment, no two property transactions are ever the same.

That’s why you want a property conveyancing service which is delivered by tried and tested professionals.

If you’re selling your property, you want a conveyancer on your side who can prepare an airtight contract suited to your needs.

If you’re purchasing a property, you want to be confident your conveyancer is going to read every line of the contract of sale and conduct every relevant search and advise you of any red flags before you put pen to paper.

No matter what side of the transaction you are on, you need more than a cookie-cutter conveyancing service.

Why Use Tick Box Conveyancing?

Tick Box stands out from the crowd because of our vast experience in the industry.

Our principle, Martin Galea, boasts over 30 years of conveyancing and property law experience to our firm alone.

Martin served as the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancing Victoria branch, sat on the advisory committee which played a vital role in the development of the Conveyancing diploma run by RMIT and was the first and – to date – only ever appointed Statutory Manager by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Martin has also sat on the State Revenue Office consultative council, representing Victorian conveyancers.

That’s the experience you want on your side of the equation.

Our property conveyancing services for purchasers and vendors can assist you with:

Off The Plan

Purchasing property “off the plan” before it is developed can offer purchasers a lot of advantages.

For starters, off the plan purchases can represent great value as well as potential tax savings, but like any property transaction, there can also be risks.

Tick Box Conveyancing’s pre-purchase contract reviews can help you understand more about the development you are buying into and any terms or special conditions within the contract which may affect how you plan to use the property when it is completed.

If you go ahead, Tick Box Conveyancing’s full suite of property conveyancing services will ensure you are informed every step of the way and prepared for settlement.

If you’re planning to develop land and sell off the plan, then we can help you prepare contracts of sale too.

For more on how we can help developers, head to our dedicated Developers page.

Residential Property

Whether purchasing a new home or an investment property, you want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the contract of sale and have conducted all the right searches on the property and title.

Perhaps there is a caveat on the title, or perhaps there are easements on the property you were not informed about.

A Tick Box Conveyancing pre-purchase contract review will reveal all this and maybe even more.

If you go ahead with the purchase you will be given clear instructions on each and every step leading up to settlement and clear instructions for the days leading up to settlement to ensure a smooth transaction.

If you’re selling your residential property, Tick Box Conveyancing can help prepare your contract of sale and guide you all the way to settlement day.

Commercial Property

Purchasing commercial property has its own quirks.

Are there regulations which affect the property? Do you need a particular license for the business you are hoping to operate on the property? Will these requirements affect the sort of tenants you can attract to the property?

All these questions should be answered as soon as possible to ensure your potential purchase is the right one for you.

Tick Box Conveyancing’s services can help you do just that.

How Else Can Tick Box Conveyancing Help You?
When it comes to property, there are a lot more types of transactions we deal with than just the sale and purchase of bricks and mortar.
Tick Box Conveyancing can help you with the purchase and sale of:

☑ Businesses
☑ Car Parks
☑ Marina Berths

Aside from typical transactions, we also offer a lot of other services, including:

☑ Transfers
☑ Commercial Leasing
☑ Refinances
☑ Subdivisions

For services specific to developers, head to our Developers page.

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