Off The Plan Conveyancing Melbourne

Off-the-plan purchases are attractive to first-home owners and investors alike for a variety of reasons.

From great locations to more affordable prices and the potential of a brand new property, purchasing off-the-plan can be an exciting proposition, but off-the-plan purchases also come with an element of risk.

An experienced conveyancer can help you better understand the nuances of purchasing a property with a building you can’t feel, touch or see, to unpack the deal you are getting into and the contract you are signing.

Tick Box Conveyancing’s pre-purchase advice will help you understand the obligations you will be signing up for by purchasing off-the plan in a particular development.

Once purchased, our experienced team will stay in constant contact with the vendor to ensure you remain updated about the progress of construction, to ensure all will be in readiness when settlement falls due so it goes off without a hitch.

Why Does Off-The-Plan Conveyancing Matter?

Like with all property transactions, Tick Box’s suite of off-the-plan conveyancing services and experience can help bring much more clarity to the process.

An experienced conveyancer will provide you with expert advice before you sign on the dotted line and will help ensure you fully understand the development you are purchasing into.

Some of the things to consider when purchasing a property, such as an apartment, unit or townhouse, off-the-plan include:

  • How is the development sub-divided?
  • How many lots will form a part of the development?
  • Will the property be subject to one or more Owners Corporation?
  • How will the Owners Corporation/s be structured?
  • What will the initial Owners Corporation fees be?
  • Will you have a parking space? How many will you have?
Other questions you may wish to ask the developer or selling agent include:
  • Who is the architect for the development?
  • Who will be the builder for the development?
  • Has the builder built similar developments before?
  • Are they reputable? Can you go and see a similar development they have built before?
  • What materials will be used to build the building? Specifically, will aluminium cladding be used?

Because you cannot see the building or development you are purchasing into, asking as many questions as possible is crucial to helping you understand the eventual product you are likely to end up with.

An experienced conveyancer can help you answer these questions and help you build a much better picture of the property you might end up with.

If, after all these questions are answered, you are confident your off-the-plan purchase is the right one, Tick Box Conveyancing will assist you with signing the contract and ensure you stay updated throughout the development of the project.

As settlement approaches, Tick Box Conveyancing will ensure you get as much notice as possible to allow you to prepare for settlement.

Off-The-Plan Conveyancing
For Developers

Good help is hard to find, especially when time is of the essence and there is no room for mistakes.

At Tick Box, we understand that the key to a smooth settlement process is making sure everything is airtight from the beginning.

Partnering with Tick Box will ensure you are serviced by a team with vast experience in acting for developers in preparing off-the-plan contracts and ensuring settlements go off without a hitch.

With over 35 years of experience in the property industry, we have built a trusted network of professionals, meaning we can help to:

  • Refer you to town planners who can assist you with council approvals and, if required, VCAT
  • Prepare off-the-plan contracts
  • Register a plan of subdivision
  • Prepare for and finalise settlement

Why Choose
Tick Box Conveyancing

Tick Box stands out from the crowd because of our vast experience in the industry.

Our principal, Martin Galea, boasts over 35 years of conveyancing and property law experience to our firm alone.

He served as the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancing Victoria branch, sat on the advisory committee which played a vital role in the development of the Conveyancing diploma run by RMIT, and was the first ever appointed Statutory Manager by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Martin has also sat on the State Revenue Office consultative council, representing Victorian conveyancers.

Martin is joined by a team of experienced conveyancers and advisers who will help make your home conveyancing experience a happy one.

That’s the experience you want on your side of the equation.

For a full suite of our conveyancing services, including our house conveyancing and commercial conveyancing services please contact our office for an obligation free chat.

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