For most of us, a home or other type of residence would be our most valuable asset. However, these “assets” often make their way into our hearts and become homes.

We expend much emotional energy in seeking out, finding, renovating, decorating, and fitting into our homes because they represent so much more to us than just bricks and mortar.

Therefore, whether you invested and made sacrifices to purchase your first home or are trading up to a bigger family house, purchasing and selling property can feel like a lot of pressure.

A lot of pressure to use the right agent, to find the right home to move into, or perhaps to find the best investment for your money.

By assembling a trustworthy team of professionals to assist you along the way, you can relieve your anxiety and guarantee that your property transaction is conducted in a timely manner.

Appointing a reputable, trustworthy conveyancer is crucial to achieving that aim and finding the right conveyancer is an important part of assembling your property team.

So, how do you find the right conveyancer for you?

In this article, we highlight some things to look out for, as well as explaining the important role a conveyancer plays in your property transactions.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal procedure that takes place behind the scenes as a property is transferred from one individual to another.

Qualified conveyancers ensure that the seller has a legal title that can be transferred to the buyer upon delivery of the negotiated amount, and they oversee the sale process, whether it be directly from the seller or from the seller’s bank.

This sounds simple, but it’s quite the opposite. Conveyancing is an involved and technical process.

It is important that this procedure be completed correctly, to ensure that the person who has paid for the property can be secure in the knowledge that his or her right of possession will not be questioned in the future.

When is the right time to appoint a conveyancer?

As soon as you plan to purchase or sell a home, you should engage a home conveyancer.

In any property transaction, time is of the essence, so you want to ensure you have the members of that team ready to go for when you are ready to buy and sell.

If you’re selling a property, the members you want on your team will include:

  • Real Estate Agent/Vendors Advocate
  • Experienced, Licensed Conveyancer
  • Removalist (if the property your selling is your home)
  • Accountant
  • Financial Planner

These are the people who are going to guide you in the first instance with respect to preparing the required documents of sale and provide relevant financial advice.

If you are buying a property, the members you might want on your team include:

  • Buyers Advocate
  • Experienced, Licensed Conveyancer
  • Accountant
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Financial Planner
  • Removalist (If you’re moving homes as a result of the purchase)

These are the people who can help you find the right property, advise on the contract of sale and represent you through to settlement, as well as provide sound financial advice.

Things move quickly when buying and selling property, particularly in a competitive market – such as the Melbourne property market – so having the right people ready to advise you can make getting the advice you need to make an informed decision very important.

Since your conveyancer’s job is to represent and advise you, the earlier interaction you provide with them, the more your needs can be protected and fought for.

It also ensures that as the transaction begins, the conveyancer will be well prepared.

Allowing enough time for all required documents to be completed in advance will help you reduce last-minute compliance issues and keep the conveyancing costs as minimal as possible.

Choosing Your Conveyancer: What to look out for


In 2008, the Victorian Government introduced licensing for all conveyancers with the Conveyancers Act 2006.

A Licensed Conveyancer, such as those that work at Tick Box Conveyancing, must engage in consistent and ongoing training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations.

It is important to note that lawyers can also conduct your conveyancing and don’t require a license.

However, a Licensed Conveyancer specialises in conveyancing specifically.


As well as being Licensed, it’s important to consider your conveyancer’s experience.

At Tick Box Conveyancing, we are proud to boast over 60 years of combined experience between our Licensed Conveyancers.


Check out the conveyancer’s Google Reviews or social media profiles to see how well they have been rated by their previous customers. This is a great indicator of the quality of their work.

You can also ask your Real Estate Agent, Accountant or Financial Adviser for a referral.

At Tick Box Conveyancing, we are the trusted conveyancer for some of Melbourne biggest Real Estate agencies, as well as having over 35 five-star Google Reviews.

Using Tick Box Conveyancing for your Melbourne Conveyancing needs

Because of our extensive business experience, Tick Box stands out from the crowd.

Martin Galea, our firm’s principal, has over 35 years of conveyancing and property law expertise.

He was the first-ever named Statutory Manager by Consumer Affairs Victoria and served as Vice President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancing Victoria branch. He also served on the advisory committee that was instrumental in the creation of RMIT’s Conveyancing diploma

Martin has also served as a member of the State Revenue Office’s consultative council, which represents Victorian conveyancers.

Martin is backed up by a team of seasoned conveyancers and in-house legal counsel. Tick Box Conveyancing will carefully guide you through the conveyancing process, making your property transaction straightforward, simple and as stress-free as possible for you.

That’s the kind of experience you want on your end of the deal.

For a full suite of our property conveyancing services in Melbourne, including off the plan conveyancing and commercial conveyancing, please contact our office for an obligation-free chat.