Conveyancing When Selling a House

Wondering how to sell a house? Do you know the importance of conveyancing when selling one?

When selling a house, a conveyancer is your necessary partner that aids you in the legal matters, the paperwork and the complex process of transferring your property into another person’s name.

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring a property from one owner to another – usually, from a seller to a buyer.

During this process, we ensure that all of your legal obligations are taken care of. We break them down for you in a report that is easy to understand, containing all of the information you need to be up to date with.

We make sure that your rights are protected and that you feel empowered within those rights.

Tick Box Conveyancing is here to help you with all of your home-selling questions, queries, ideas and goals. For more information, contact our conveyancers today!

What Is Covered by A Conveyancer When Selling a property?

There is a lot of paperwork involved in selling a house. There are contracts, there are important deadlines, there are expectations and responsibilities that are lifted off of your shoulders when you acquire our help.

As a Melbourne conveyancer, these are some of the services that we provide. This is the load that we can take off your shoulders:

  • Our conveyancers manage all of the documents that relate to the transfer of the property.
  • Our conveyancers write, execute and lodge legal documents such as the Contract of Sale and the Vendor Disclosure Statement.
  • Our conveyancers solidify the legality of the transfer and its safety.
  • Our conveyancers make sure that all documents comply with the local laws of the state.
  • Our conveyancers research and dig up all relevant laws and news that may affect the property and your situation, including local jurisdiction laws, zoning laws, bush fire laws, strata and more.
  • Our conveyancers ensure the buyer is not entitled to anything more from you after the deal has settled. We ensure that no ties are left open between the buyer and seller which leave you with further responsibilities post-settling. We ensure this by writing, editing and researching the documents wherein such things may be left open-ended.
  • Our conveyancers ensure that your land is fairly represented in the sale. We organise a surveyor to accurately measure your property if we believe that the dimensions of your land are not accurately written down.
  • With an understanding of all documents that apply to your property, sale and settlement, Our conveyancers manage everything so that there are no debts, liabilities or interest-related matters inappropriately transferred between the buyer and seller in the severance of the property from its previous owner.
  • Our conveyancers guide you through financial matters, accurately forecasting future costs of taxes.
  • Our conveyancers aid you by arranging the final settlement with your loaner (typically a bank).
  • Our conveyancers communicate on your behalf to all the other institutions and people that are involved in some way with the selling of your property (including the solicitor of the buyer), negotiating the terms of the contract on your behalf, for your best interests.
  • Our conveyancers make sure that neither the seller nor the buyer makes an error that may jeopardise the selling of the property, dedicated to ensuring that the process occurs smoothly for all parties involved.

Sell Your House with The Help of Tick Box Conveyancing

In our comprehensive and easy-to-understand pre-commitment report, our conveyancers fill you in on all of the legal, financial and risk details that may otherwise remain obscure or misunderstood when you are selling a house, guiding you through every step of the process and managing the complicated legal matters for you.

Contact Tick Box today and seek our comprehensive, clear advice concerning the selling of your property.

We cover all of the fundamental data points and questions before you commit to selling a house with unforeseen consequences.

You’ll be relieved to be working with Tick Box, your expert commercial conveyancer in Melbourne.