Tick Box Conveyancing recently reached a hugely important milestone in our business. We counted our 60th five-star rating on Google Reviews.

Since opening our doors, Tick Box Conveyancing has been committed to providing first-class conveyancing services to our many satisfied clients.

We are immensely proud of our track record of five-star reviews on Google and we take this opportunity to share some of our favourites with you.

Testimonial – Max Buontempo – Developer

We showed Max that conveyancing can be much more than a dry process, that it can be an opportunity for education, companionship and development.

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Google Review – Rob Ryan – Purchaser/Seller/Architect

Rob has called Tick Box conveyancing many times and always has a smile on his face at the end of every property transaction.

Google Review – Jessica Brown – First Home Buyer

Jessica Brown’s broker promised her that we were the best conveyancers in Melbourne. The stress-free, simple and educational process of conveyancing with Tick Box left her thrilled.

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Google Review – Mallory Baker – Purchaser/Seller

Great, reliable service. Highly recommend. Karlene was one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with, extremely patient and answered all of my questions when needed. She made the process simple and easy. This was a simultaneous settlement with the sale and purchase of a new property and all went off without any issues.
100% would recommend.  – Mallory Baker

Imagine being told you’re one of the “nicest people I have ever dealt with”. We congratulate Karlene for this glowing, personal review.

Google Review – Allan Dewar – Seller/Purchaser

Tick Box was a great choice for all our Conveyancing. Karlene handled everything professionally whilst at the same time creating a very personal relationship. We actually had a lot of fun speaking to her during the process. She helped us with the Conveyancing as we sold 2 properties and bought 1. Great communication throughout with our final settlement today. Many thanks. – Alan Dewar

This was another win for our star Karlene, who is a great example of our philosophy. We make sure that the paperwork of conveyancing doesn’t get in the way of the human touch that is essential in all work.

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Google Review – Chris Whiteside – Client

The team at Tick Box Conveyancing were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They were helpful in so many ways and made the process during this difficult time for me very easy and something that I did not have to stress at all about. I would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them in the future. – Chris Whiteside

Chris, like most of us, had been feeling the challenges of these last couple of years. We’ve all had enough of stress; Tick Box works more passionately than ever to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in this difficult time.

Google Review – Wayne Avard  – Client

Karlene and the team at Tick Box Coveyancing were an absolute pleasure to work with. No challenge was too complicated and Karlene ensured we were informed throughout the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Tick Box Conveyancing for all of your conveyancing needs. It was champagne service for a beer price. – Wayne Avard

Wayne made us chuckle with his champagne and beer analogy. Thanks, Wayne.

Google Review – Stella – Purchaser/Seller

Wow! Wow! Wow!! I am one happy customer of Tickbox!! They helped me with both a sale and purchase of a property. I worked with Mary in particular and she was nothing short of wonderful. The whole process was seamless and most importantly stress-free!! They look at a transaction from all facets and help you consider things you may not otherwise have. They even helped with the recommendation of a removalist!! I would have no hesitation in recommending tickbox to anyone!! – Stella

Stella went all-out in this glowing review, praising Tick Box for a “nothing short of wonderful” service. We are most proud of the way that we help our clients see their transactions from new perspectives.

Google Review – Bridget – Client

Martin and the entire team are professional and experts in conveyancing. Everything was simple to understand and well ahead of schedule even though we had a very short settlement. Definitely highly recommend. – Bridget

Bridget had a very short settlement, but we pulled through ahead of schedule. At no point did we leave Bridget behind – she followed and understood everything as we went.

Google Review – Ben H – Client

We just bought our first home and Tick Box made it very easy. They were incredibly responsive via email and phone, always kept us informed what was happening and got everything sorted so we didn’t have to worry. Such a surprisingly smooth experience! We shopped around before choosing them and their prices are really good value. Highly recommended all around – thanks to Teresa and the team. – Ben H

There is nothing worse than depending on an office that doesn’t return your emails and calls. This 5-star review from Ben H is a great reminder that clear and punctual communication is one of the main pillars of conveyancing.

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